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Hello to you from  “I-have-been-offline” land. Offline has been a good thing in my case as it signifies being busy living. Last I posted in July husband and myself were setting out on a season of freshwater fishing together. Our fishing over summer turned into more of a while hub fishes wife goes to take photos in the brush but it was good fun together exploring! 

Here is our favorite local spot we frequented in short bursts from home as it was close by. It is quite peaceful and though near town it’s tucked back on a quiet dirt road not many frequent except for some locals. I spent much time here practicing my noob photography while John fished as shown. We were pleased to find this piece of tranquility and sorry to see the season end recently.

After being indoors all of last summer I needed no convincing to go off exploring with my camera on our weekend explorations. I had a ball just “breathing in” the scenery. 

Did we catch many fish? A few yes, good thing we don’t eat it or we would starve lol. My husband caught more experience than anything but that will make for a better next season! 

At best this was Sushi size and tossed back. John did get something quite large on his line while here that nearly took he and the pole into the water but it snapped his line as expected. I’m guessing a catfish by the sounds of his “the one that got away” story! 

A few more snaps below taken by me as the weather was just so lovely everytime we were here.

Summer felt as if it departed in the blink of an eye though we have been graced with October temperatures in the 70’s to recent. Autumn doesn’t feel as if it is here though Halloween is around the corner. 

I hope you who see this are well, thank you for stopping in my dears!