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“That email.”

My husband has reached out to social media and other outlets including a news reporter using an email trying to find not only a physician who will perform a simple exploratory but also to find answers why nobody has. Yesterday I recieved a call from the chief of GYN surgery at Maine Medical Center, Portland. He too agreed a surgeon needs to do something and said he would assist if I were admitted. 

Well, does he not bare weight or have the means to start a dialogue where he phoned from? Of course he does. So why then call and tell me in my suffering what I already know after seeing my records, your point? 

It’s a bitter reality that nobody cares about life as we are led to think. Being sent home from all available ER’s is scary shit that leaves us hopeless. Someone needs to “man up” and simply do their job. I’m not terminal for God’s sake but I will die if a surgeon doesn’t intervene soon from malnutrition to start.