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I’m a Florida transplant of 7 years and loving this hot dry weather so far. I don’t remember the last summer we had here that was this warm for a long time but it’s feeding mine and husband’s hunger to abandon the northern winter for good.

With all I’m going through healthwise you’d think “naturally she’d want to avoid the cold and snow.” Not really, my adult children and their children live next door in the state of Maine. They are why we moved back north, but that was years ago before nature added more miles on our body! 

Last winter my older husband arrived to the wide world of aging aches after years bragging how he was my senior and “fit as a fiddle.” Funny how that changes everything. Prior to this he didn’t speak of another move, lately he is online pricing life again back in the tropical states and sputtering how he hates driving in snow.


For the interum we will enjoy this weather, we have a few years to go before retirement and we can freely migrate. How are you spending your summer?