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Feeling overwhelmed and not productive from being ill I’ve been suffering a serious bout of chronic depression. At the moment I am living on a clear liquid diet from an undiagnosed, or more-so a painful nonworking stomach which originally was thought to just be an ulcer. My weeks have been filled with frequent doctor or hospital visits. I am a horrible patient and though I needed to lose a bit of weight, okay, … quite a bit, I’m changing clothing sizes faster than we can keep up which is becoming a bit unnerving.

Today I got off my backside this afternoon, determined I won’t let everything I enjoy fall to the wayside anymore. Getting dressed I grabbed my camera and out the door I went. It wasn’t any big walk but it was enough to just lift my grey cloud a bit. I walked up the road and stopped on top of an old train bridge to snap a few photos I thought I’d share. I haven’t used my camera in a long while so I need to get back in the swing of it again. I was a bit taken back at how autumn-like the local landscape still appeared. One shot is heading into the town, another away.



Below is my little “sit and think” spot beside the bridge. When we had a dog and I used to walk her, we would stop and take a break and I would sit on the old weathered pillars as we watched trains come and go below us. Funny how something so simple can have such memories attached to them.


Last but not least, my heart lifted looking up and seeing the first baby green leaves sprouting from the trees. A promise of warmer weather and hopefully better health with it!