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I could create a long blog post but the supplied link is self explanatory if clicked on giving insight into what’s become a parental nightmare of sorts. I have never asked for any help in my 53 years of life and it runs deep but when it’s your child your watching deteriorate in front of your eyes the terror is pure and real.

During my adult son’s extended hospital stay I have heard and witnessed actions by staff towards the ill that are unimaginable, even inhumane at Maine Medical Center in Portland Maine as I have been present near constantly. There are good people there but also the larger problem of assembly line medicine and patients by numbers. My son is not by far out of danger, but back in his home if only temporarily, still needing in-home visiting nurse care and medical follow up. I’d be lying if I said my happy-go-lucky personality hasn’t taken a huge hit in hopelessness the past few weeks. I started a fundraiser in hopes of ascertaining funding to help with medical, food and living expenses for a few cold months to buy him time for his state applied medical assistance to begin as there is nothing else to be had.  The rest of his human needs we are trying to meet on our own as he is very weak and lost some mobility. Ever watched a proud man be knocked so low he can’t help himself?  The USA needs to implement medical care for all. My English husband’s country has it, while not perfect by far, it’s there and works.

I cannot let this country’s negligence kill my child like it did my mother in 2012 when she also could not afford healthcare. People are not disposable, this is a life. We as human’s need to care for each other. Please take a moment of you and yours and share my son’s link below, feel free to reblog. Just three months in his rented room will get him past the winter cold of Maine and possibly his “pending Medicaid” will begin, giving him a fighting chance. The USA Government treats it’s citizens as “disposable lives.” I cannot help but feel enraged when new arrivals to this country are given preference in benefits and tools to survive, while watching my son’s life fade away for lack of caring in a place he was born.

The surgeon’s parting words to us and son when asked if he should start to get worse should we bring him back to the emergency room was literally, “I don’t care.”

Daniel’s Online Fundraiser to Help Him Survive Dual Spinal Abscesses