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I haven’t had the time or presence of mind to blog. Apologies. I have not even sat at the computer and sold much to afford travel expenses. My son is still severely ill with a bacterial blood infection which invaded his spine and organs and he is being treated with numerous heavy doses of antibiotics which in turn with the infection make him ill also. My mental struggle as a mother watching my child suffer is nothing compared to his physically. His life as he knows it is forever changed if he survives this, which we are told is 50/50 in chance at this point. I am spending every other day traveling from New Hampshire to Maine and back by car or train to his bedside. In a moment of reflection looking out his hospital room window as he lay sleeping I shot the above photo of the older section of Maine Medical Center at sunset, ironically, I last did this having just given birth to him here in 1985. I ache to move back to Portland now to be closer to him and my other two adult children. I wish it was possible as I have no support whatsoever, but this is life and I’m a doer, not a complainer and will deal with it. While I’m not a spiritual person I ask for a prayer for him to just survive.

I need to be here.

Love to all.