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I hate mobile phones.

Anyone who knows me knows of the ongoing struggle of my decreasing eyesight. For the most part I take it on the chin and joke about it myself. Now that we have obtained worthy medical insurance the wheels are in motion as far as treatment but the waiting may have ended too late to reverse the optical damage of years. “Obamacare,” let’s not even go back to “that one.” I have one word for it, useless. We certainly won’t miss it.

In the past few months it became impossible for me to use my iPhone or any normal size phone. With no glasses on I can’t see more than a shadow of it’s outline. With my 5 year old prescription glasses on I could barely see the icons to use the screen and making a call was super difficult as I still could barely read my contact list. I had someone make modifications to the homescreen and edit it so I had 1 icon for using the phone to call out, and the second icon was for pushing the speakerphone. Yep. Two icons only on the iPhone touchscreen.

Frustrating, you betcha.

A few days ago a friend online took it upon herself to offer up her prior used phone, a One Plus One, and she surprised me by driving here 4 hours to be sure I got it! I had decided somewhere down the road I was going to need a large phone obviously. Truth all told the best size for me is like putting my iPad up to my face but that’s just  a little ridiculous looking. The largest phone I could find was just under an iPad Mini size, this phone is a close second under it.

Thanks to generousity, I can now rejoin digital land and start bugging my kids again. Hoping after seeing the eye doctor specialist soon, my next venture won’t be a flat screen television for a phone because it feels like it’s heading that direction!