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The tragic events in Paris have touched us deeply as it has millions. We were grateful to finally hear our friends and their loved ones in and around the city visiting were safe but will be delayed in returning to Canada from France in light of what is going on. Already battling an extreme case of “brain drain” in blogging topics I still felt compelled to say … “something” to reach out with a more personal post.

I was busily tapping away on the computer chatting to friends via Twitter and Skype last night when it became apparent all hell broke loose. At first I paid no attention until it hit the news on our Roku where we watch British and Canadian programming. This was my first experience on Twitter seeing reaction by other users and media on a global scale to something so tragic, let alone as it was going on. The raw images with words openly being streamed out of Paris as it happened left me literally staring at my screen they came so fast both by people witnessing the carnage in person and news media outlets. Some I re-tweeted but much I did not. No, I never use social media heavily but like many I too have days I hang out online and yesterday was one.

Much of my internet time is usually photography related. For the most part I take what I see and hear with a grain of salt. What left me drop jawed in the aftermath of the continuing crisis in France today is social media user’s reactions. Along with the global outpouring of support and condolences is the larger message of hate from others to everyone they felt to blame and the arguing about the whole topic. Nothing good ever comes from hate. I know much of it is grounded in fear. I guess my Twitter virginity is now officially gone. From here on I have learned to filter who to interact with and be careful what I decide to see or share.

All that said, I hope my “off the cuff” blog post finds you well. Our hearts go out to all effected by the Paris terror attack. France is a beautiful country. Life is precious.