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Posting via iPad mobile. Autumn is closing fast, a few end of the day views before it vanishes for good beneath the first snow. The week rumbled by nearly as fast. We’ve been in pre-winter mode both at home and work. Home putting the finishing touches on winterizing, pulling in anything outdoors and covering gardens. Work is always busy this time of year being we supply retailers in-store and online worldwide.

This is my childhood stomping grounds of South Portland Maine. Winters here as a child it were a hub of community activity especially Christmas season. Holiday Christmas trees were sold here, decorations hung all around and the frozen pond would be full to the edges with people skating and children playing in the snow.

Today it’s a bit of a somber feeling standing looking at it empty yet beautiful warm memories still hold fast in my heart. Life has gone by in such leaps over the years. To be a child again, the age of eight and once more experience joys born here. One thing I have learned to apprectiate the last few years is each minute ticking by and to find the good in each day rather than focus on any negative.

Aging wisdom maybe.