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“Being a fighter can be exhausting. Being a survivor can take its toll on you.”… I reblogged this post because though we do not realize it, it can happen for any reason to any one of us as I myself learned in 2007.

Mad Man Knitting

What a beautiful day yesterday was. Weather was on par; brisk in the morning, warming glow of the afternoon sun. I was knitting as we watched the latest installment of “The Walking Dead.” My arm was bothering me, so I put the needles down to check my emails. And that was when I saw it.

A levy had been placed on my account by the IRS. Every last dime was gone. All of the money I had been saving for my teeth, all of our household expenses, all the money set aside to buy yarn and pay for shipping, all of my savings, every last cent confiscated by the IRS. Everything was gone.

I was panicky, shaking, started crying, and muttering to myself “It’s happening again. I’m going to be homeless again.” over and over, and then swiftly moved into such a state I had never seen myself in before…

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