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A short to the point blog entry which airs what many of us think regarding our mobile phone usage and society being too connected. It certainly hits home for myself!

Whatever It Costs

To many of us Americans, our cell phones contain a high percentage of our lives. It’s the device through which my mom and dad contact me, and how I get updated info on the weather. However, unlike the rest of my highly social family, I often hate the ease with which that little device allows people to contact me. It’s so noisy, buzzy, and annoying. In my opinion, the social world was better before cell phones. You could actually get away from people, and letters and house phone calls were a legitimate form of communication. People weren’t as “needy”. I actually believe that cell phones have created a pattern in our society where people actually believe that they need to have contact with certain people every day. It is becoming quite disturbing to me.

So what brought this written rant up? Yesterday, my phone just gave up the will to…

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