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Mr. Johnson's Blog

This is Mr. Johnson reporting live from my Mother’s home half drunk.

I’m waiting for munchkins to come to my door so that I can eat them. It’s just after 6:30 and so far I have had 14 customers. I’ve been passing the time by eating capocollo sandwiches and drinking red wine. I’m at my last ounce of wine but thankfully there’s stale beer in the fridge from June.


The doorbell sound gets drowned out by the sound of the television but the dog here acts as back up in case I don’t hear some kid wanting their free chocolate. The dog is probably super confused with all this action going on.


With the way things are going I will have to give each munchkin 5 chocolates to eradicate the box of chocolates. I think kids these days are being efficient by going to townhouses where they can walk 10…

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