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I call this the vampire time of year. Living life in the dark. Instead of an extra hours sleep we insomniacs get an extra hour awake, woo!

I hate blogging on my iPad but on another yet sleepless night it’s just easier than sitting at the computer, where my A.D.D. mind can run wild with internet pages of distractions clicking away. I often wonder these days if I didn’t invest years ago in a computer that I might actually sleep nights. I used to. If not for our adult children and their families being spread across the world and our rarely seeing them, I’d be tempted to happily toss all my devices with internet in a dumpster altogether.

I’m feeling grumpy. Out of sorts. Some people just can’t wait to get to the weekend but for me it signifies an unwelcome break in my weekday routine that at my age thinking is already difficult to stay on task. No I’m not old by definition, still just into my fifties but my attention span is challenging minute to minute. In exuberance I range from grade school to grandmother depending on the day and forecast. The weather here in New England has a huge effect on my mood though I love the four seasons. Daylight savings having begun seems to have triggered a twinge of my dark side.

We moved back to the area years ago after having lived in the south six years and although I longed to be closer to my children in the north I very much miss the abundance of sun and year round mild weather I enjoyed in the south. I am a much more optimistic and happier person living in a sunny climate I discovered. If my kids lived in the south I would probably go back if anything for well being. The whole thing is ironic but surely other aging parents must feel this way, move away or stay where the extended family is.

If your an active grandparent couple it’s a no-brainer. There is a big difference living being able to drive hours north to visit family in the adjoining state rather than 1600 miles.

5:45 AM.

Bitchfest over.