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We are giving out “the good stuff” as the natives here seem to prefer the mini candy bars, which are also my husband’s absolute favorite. I’m sure he probably hid a few aside for himself beforehand. In the following photos he is meeting the children while I capture it all as it happens in the background using my iPad. I asked the parent’s permission to photograph the children beforehand.

Our town inย New Hampshire is known for having Halloween on it’s own schedule which the last few years has fallen before or after the holiday. This year it’s nice to be able to have the children come on the traditional October 31st. Timing of the visits house to house by the little ghouls and gobblins are restricted from 4 to 7 in the early evening for safety. We started out a bit with just a few timid younger visitors and then we were flooded later. We love This opportunity toย meet the families old and new, experience the fun of having kids around though it’s brief, and oh-those-costumes!