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Driving into the hills “up the road” to search out a fresh egg farm friend’s used I became entirely lost. Not that I don’t know my way around the area, I have lived here now the last 6 years. A few years back helping a family member through some health difficulties exacerbated by bad diet and a regime of his doctor’s over medicating him it opened my eyes to just how much artificial toxins can break down our body faster than aging. That experience turned my thinking around and I vowed to try and live a healthier lifestyle.

I read and re-read labels on everything that we are going to consume, many things I don’t even eat anymore. My discovery over time of what IS food and what is NOT (ie: “Frankenfood”) has been a real eye opener, along with giving up medications said to “help” that were actually doing harm.

One thing I learned working in the retail food industry, along with my husband is about eggs. Too many instances in grocery I have witnessed improper handing, mislabeling, and even expired eggs being shipped out back to the supplier, only to be re-dated safe and returned to a store shelf. It happens ALL the time.  I have gotten ill from bad eggs, one of the worst kinds of food poisoning and certainly one of the most dangerous.

Today I am driving around back roads, a right turn here then the left turn there and all I am seeing is trees, rocks and I am frustrated I can’t work out how to use my phone GPS at age 53. I pull over and hold up my phone outside the car window trying in vain to find a signal to use the online map to no avail.

Nothing! Bah! No bars of data! Alot of work to find the egg stand I was told about and now I’m getting a tension headache overthinking my next move. How to retrace my drive if I don’t know where the heck I am in the first place? Muttering to myself and by now pretty anxious at my aloneness with not a soul or another car in sight I round another winding corner and am out into a clearing.

Yes I’m still lost but look at THAT scene outside the windshield.

Sometime’s the best journey you will ever take is the one you didn’t mean to.