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Bipolar First Bipolar Together

( This is humor. If you can’t do sarcasm you may get offended.)


Dear humans telling me to do yoga,


Please stop telling me to do yoga.  You are wasting your breath.  I am not going to do it.

Actually, I probably will do it when I am in the “mood”…most likely mania because I will want to cleanse my aura.

Or maybe when I’m mildly depressed and accidentally drink some of that Kool Aid.

But in my sane mind I ain’t gonna do it.

I know I may sound stubborn and unenlightened and crass but I can assure you that yoga and I have a long history.

yoga understands

We are mostly manic-weather friends.

When white manic I have experienced yoga better than sex.

But that is, unfortunately, not my status quo.

It is also definitely not yoga’s status quo.

And the thing that no one ever…

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