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In my travels around town one night I met an aged 30-ish man  working at a Dunkin Donut Shop. From the first moment at the counter, his bright personality and attitude were infectious. It wasn’t early morning nor middle of the day. Quite the opposite as it was after midnight. As I stood off to the side waiting for my order other patrons trickled in with sleepy blank stares looking up at the menu, mumbling among themselves waiting as only two employees were on duty.

Around the corner from the back of the prep area bursts “Adrian” the shift leader in a cloud of enthusiasm, smiling happily announcing  “what can I get for you special people tonight?” as he hands me my food. The customer in front of him now is an older man, quite stone faced and not a happy camper. If anything, Adrian’s “Hello my friend” attitude seems to irritate the man more. The old man asks for a coffee and as he is handed it barks at the employee “Your not a kid, you work at a damn Dunkin Donuts for Gods sake and it’s near 1am!, what the hell do you have to be so damn happy about?”

The small crowd goes quiet. All eyes, some angry with this older man’s rudeness are on the two now possibly expecting the worst. Some of us step back. Adrian’s face flushes and he motions to the man to step closer to the counter as he leans over it. The customer leans into him to hear what he has to say…

Now these two are face to face, Adrian says quietly and seriously to the older man “Brother, today I’m alive and before I came to work I made dinner for myself and my 8 year old daughter in a small apartment under a warm roof.  It’s NOT a damn job, it’s MY job.”

The gruff older customer is speechless, turns and leaves.

You go dad.