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Hello and welcome.

I am a wife and also grandmother etching out a quieter life here in New Hampshire. I was born and brought up in the state of Maine where I also raised my own family. Later in life my husband and myself did a bit of traveling to the southern states and have also been abroad to his homeland of England. Of all the wonderful places and people we have encountered we settled back here through much trial and error. Not that the aging body doesn’t appreciate the warm tropical breezes we have experienced, we love that also.

With the first week of October arriving so did snow in Maine and New Hampshire. While New England is known for it’s hardy winters, it’s been quite a few years since we up here have seen snow more than once so early in the season especially the first week of October. Last year it was no secret we had a blockbuster marathon of snowfall but what made it all so outrageous was the fact it all piled up an easy four foot high within a span of two months in our area and began (as it has the last six years) after Christmas. The good news is this year our old circa 1800 home is sporting a new roof and should keep all dry unlike last winter when it all came tumbling down around us along with many other unfortunate families. “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.”

I hope this post finds you well my dears!