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A painter painting a room in a house

The construction is finally finished inside and yesterday was spent painting trim. I actually got to put our diningroom back together after what seemed a long recovery. Hello July your nearly here! Let summer begin!

It hasn’t felt like summer just yet, only last night it was cold enough the furnace kicked on about 3am. It didn’t surprise me after getting up to check it and seeing the thermostat report it was 52 degrees inside. Not freezing by New England standards of course but chilly enough I let the heat run then turned it off. Actually I don’t know how the gas heat is still active as I thought it had been disconnected. Come autumn it’s going to be a very big problem having a heating bill as we don’t make enough weekly to pay for it now. Something I am trying not to think about. Husband’s company of 50 years suddenly shutting it’s doors really left us in the lurch and it’s been nothing less than a struggle to pay the basic needs and eat once a day each. On a happier note things could be worse, at least the rent gets paid.

This year so far has been a good one for the garden though we opted for just a few plants instead of the bumper crops we used to plant. Husband trying to keep working through the temp agency for lack of jobs here keeps him busy with no time to garden so this year he opted for a few tomato, green pepper, and zuchinni plants. We had planted pumpkin and sunflower which were promptly mowed down accidently because they weren’t marked. We had a beautiful start of plentiful strawberries up until one week ago then something came in the night, ate the fruit and politely left the green tops in a neat pile on our porch steps where it had carried them. We are guessing it took some dexterity and must have been a hungry raccoon?

In the start of spring it was comical to hear the local news report that our state was in drought mode after having so much snow last winter. The media tends to hype everything of course and following the announcement mother nature dutifully poured down rain weeks, giving us more than enough. The flowers certainly are blooming and I got some long overdue photos with my phone camera I will have to post somehow. Not having a computer is proving challenging yes, but my sight has been so bad I just didn’t (see) the point of keeping it anymore!

The good is I can’t see myself in a mirror!