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Much has happened the past two months at our house and we are still recovering from a heavy handed winter. The new roof is up and finished and we are waiting on the builders who came inside removing the damaged ceiling and wall to return in July to finish up. For the moment we have a plastic sheeting dining area but at least no more leaking and spring is slowly taking hold. Everyone here in the area seems to be needing roof and repairs!

Next on the list of mishaps is the computer is no more, not that I used it much.   It’s already challenging sightwise to do much online so most reading or writing I have switched to my old iPad device which I can manipulate the display to make larger with fingertips. The computer was useless in that sense. My only worry had been the 14 years of digital photos and video totaling near 13 gigs but I have back ups stored on Dropbox.  That said, I have much more updating to do but little time at the moment. When the computer went down so did my access to logging into this blog which I obviously finally gained back! How I have missed you all so I am off to see how you all have been, stay tuned!