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After uncovering my spring bulbs greenery coming up happily through the dirt they have now been covered with 3 inches of still falling snow. NOooo!ย  Bah. Husband and myself sitting here an hour ago heard that old familiar rumble outdoors of the city plow making it’s way up the street and we both grimaced and chuckled after the fact.

You have to have a sense of humor. What’s another few days or weeks of cabin fever right? Just today I came into the diningroom and noticed our dog sitting under the hole in the ceiling I temporarily patched with white plastic. Looking up I saw little indentations being made on the plastic, moving. Something walking on the plastic.

Feet! …
Little mouse toes!
It was standing there looking down at us!

The dog barked behind me seeing the feet reappear, and the mouse, dog, and I all jumped in unision. Thank God the plastic was between us and the mouse above or I would have tossed the dog up there to catch it, such is life in snowy cold New Hampshire in spring.

It “IS” spring somewhere right? Summer may get here in time for autumn.

*Shakes head*