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This winter as pretty as it is just isn’t ending.

We live 30 minutes from Boston and have gotten more than our share of foot upon foot of snow. When the roof leaked and then part of the ceiling gave way I was more than upset as we were already having other weather related problems. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of moving back to warmer weather is appealing, but the violent storms are not we used to get summers in Florida. I’ll take snow over tornados and hurricanes!

We had a look around online and in the paper entertaining the idea of possibly moving within the area. The building we have been in just is so old and in constant need of repair. We have lived here five yearsย  going into our sixth, but it’s become what feels like “home” so we decided to push to get the roof leak fixed and do the interior ourselves. If we were in our 40’s we may have decided differently but we aren’t. Ugh!

The gaping ceiling has also afforded “something” we hear late night running around above us a new peep hole into our apartment. Last summer we caught a Chipmunk scurrying in and out of the siding of the building outside so we plugged the hole promptly. Apparently he found other ways in, little booger as we hear him playing nights. Upon waking up this morning I found some of the pink ceiling insulation on the floor, possible evidence he either got close to the hole or even fell. So far, nothing beyond there out of the ordinary. Time to temporarily cover the ceiling I think.

We had actually been leaving it open so the water leak had a clear path to the bucket below should it leak again winter. Speaking of winter, it seems to have returned again and been snowing all day. Bah!