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This is my first go at mobile blogging. Today in southern New Hampshire it is a balmy welcoming 45 degrees!

Looking out my diningroom windows it may look very winter still with the five foot snow banks but it will soon melt…by August if we are lucky heh. Having caught a hint of spring fever I can’t wait to start spring cleaning and reclaiming the space winter has been using with boots, wearables, and everything that belongs outside having been stuck indoors with ourselves and the pets. I have enjoyed this winter actually, minus the leaky roof and blizzard on top of blizzard not giving much time in between to shovel or plow. Although it’s easy to get down it’s a day like today that reminds me why I love it so much here and returned from the south years ago, the ever wonderful change of seasons!

Remember, Sunday March 8th we turn the clocks ahead!