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My second husband and myself adopted Zoey, our Pomeranian Jack Russell cross puppy when she was three months old while living in south Florida. At that time of our life husband’s career was taking off, we had moved into a new home and I was alone a lot. Zoey took up the emptiness of long days and evenings as most puppies do with her antics and love just being alive. Over her next eight years she earned much respect and her place easily in our family, becoming more than a pet after being service certified and being in public. We decided to let her do it because she always sought out people needing comforting. When my husband was stricken with a heart attack and on bed rest five weeks Zoey climbed onto his bed and never left his side. Later it would be an illness that left me in a wheelchair for six months and unable to play and care for her as needed days with my husband away, so she taught herself to bring me items I couldn’t fetch along with inventing games she could play with me while in my wheelchair. We jokingly called her “Momma” by her fourth year of life with us.

Zoey was remarkable and much loved by all who met her Florida to New Hampshire, after I was well and excelled, she was even on the local news in 2010 after moving to New Hampshire. Last April she turned eight years old. These last couple of years she was diagnosed with CHF, Congestive Heart Failure. Her puppy attitude and playfulness never slowed, but her body did. July second while having her routine heart x-ray we discovered her heart had doubled in size and was pushing into her lungs cutting her breathing off significantly. She was tired the last few months, had been hiding a lot at home under our bed most of the time, coughing,  and days were a struggle for her. I didn’t want to lose my child and best friend but because I loved her and she had given us so much we let her go while at the vet. I couldn’t make her wait anymore.

I’ve never lost anyone to death let alone witnessed it first hand. Those who decide to be by a loved ones side in that moment are braver than I. It was horrible watching her go and I wasn’t prepared for how a body reacts once the process begins and ends.  I haven’t eaten nor slept since the fateful day, July 2nd. Yesterday we were able to bring her cremated remains home. We received deliveries of flowers and sympathy cards and notes but it doesn’t make it easier.  Thanks goes out to Dr. Dennis for her excellent veterinary care of Zoey to the end.

This isn’t at all how I thought life would be at my age. No grandchildren, no family. Now a best friend.




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