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“We all need somewhere to live.”

Last year as autumn was ending and the New England cold took hold our new roommate moved in for the winter. He appeared one day unannounced and with little in belongings so we assumed he wasn’t staying long. Looking back the whole thing is a mystery as we weren’t looking for a flat buddy but we let him stay just the same as he had nowhere else to go or he’d freeze. At first he made me quite nervous. For the most part we don’t see or hear each other day by day but every once and awhile he will mutter softly if it’s too quiet in the house as if to reassure me he is still here. Now that the weather is warming I assumed he would decide to pack up and move on as many do, but he is still here with no sign of leaving.

I guess I can’t complain. He IS no trouble to live with really. He isn’t messy, doesn’t go out and return back all hours of the day and night, never complains, and doesn’t leave the lid up on the toilet. Tonight watching TV I said to my husband, “Maybe we should think about getting rid of our roommate he’s gotten too comfortable here. A month ago he would sing from the fireplace. Two weeks ago I heard him in the bookcase. Two nights ago I could have sworn I heard him in our bedroom!”

“Bah, we all need somewhere to live” hub says.


Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket. Photo credit: AZRainman

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