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My cookie baking is horrible.

I’v tried 30+ years to make a good cookie from scratch up to buying cookie dough and NOPE they always look like hockey pucks, as my kids named them.  It should NOT be this hard to bake cookies. I’m a grandmother and by now I should know how. I used to think it was the oven. I blamed it on my pans. I bought a new rolling pin. I tried greasing when it said not to grease a pan and visa-versa. I even took baking classes. My last desperate move today was to make “No Bake” cookies and my dog wouldn’t even lick the spoon when I finished.  It was a bowl of “goo” harder than Play Dough left out of a can. My number one mistake with my cookies is they never expand cooking. The wet lump stays put and in ten minutes I end up with brown lumps looking like they were created anywhere but some lady’s oven. Urf!

Any help appreciated!

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