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Square sausage (lower right) served with black...

Square sausage (lower right) served with black pudding, baked beans, fried bread aka Fried English Breakfast variant.


I’m married to “a Brit.”

He tells me “Brits” is a slang for everyone living in the whole country of England and beyond as ruled by the Monarchy, so to refer to him and those living in England as “English” (southern England, and there IS a difference in accents, wording as in north, south USA accents and vocabulary). Not saying I know it all by any means but I’m learning to translate it. Understand it isn’t daily language in my home but interesting over the years to hear it now and know what he means.

Okay, … I think.

I thought it would be a bit interesting since visiting his country, knowing his family and friends there and my experience in living with an English person to share the differences I deal with daily in language terms in our conversations. You’d be surprised! First let me warn you, this post should be rated PG-13, maybe more. I’ll first give you HIS way of saying something in HIS language, then translate it into what it means to me, a “Yank.” Oh by the way, the baked beans we normally eat here are much different to England and made with a tomato sauce base. Hmm.


1. Can you bung us in some coffee? … Please make a pot of coffee?

2. Oh bloody hell! …  F*** H***! or GD!

3. I’m making a chip buddy do ya’ want one? … I’m sticking cold french fries inside buttered bread do you want one? (Shudders)

4. You keep yelling’ at me and I’ll go out and get Pissed! … I need a beer!

5. Who the hell let that Elsation run through my bloody garden? … Who the hell does that ****** German Shepard belong to?

6. I need a pint … I need a 40 oz beer!

7. She looks like my auntie fag-ash lil … an ugly old lady with a cigarette hanging from her lip.

8. Don’t be a damn wombat  talking rubbish… Your an idiot who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

9. Put this away for Ron … Put it away for later

10. Give me that I’ll bloody well get it sorted! … Give it here your too slow!

11. Your talking plain Bullox! … Your full sh**!

12. I feel like having a spotted dick. … steamed suet with raisins made by Heinz – ew.

13. I could do with a nasty bit of proper English fry up. … Fried bread, fried bacon, fried sausages, fried eggs, fried mushrooms, …. getting chest pain yet?

14. I could give a rats arse … I don’t give a damn.

15. You bloody plonker thats a fine bit o butchery you done now! … You damn idiot you really screwed that up.

16. Oi she’s a bit of a slapper/slag … She sleeps around

17. (This one’s a bit amusing) “F***ing L!” …. We Yanks use “F***ing A!”

18. My father in laws FAV (RIP dad) “Eye Eye!” … “Uhoh!”

19. “You alright?” … “Hi”

20. The footy’s on the telly, be good with a fizzy drink … English soccer games on, some 7up would go good with it.

That’s probably about all you need for now. I tell people “Oh you can understand him, you just have to listen with an accent.”


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