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“As a younger woman I used makeup and hair color to enhance my good looks, now I put on makeup, glue in the teeth and use hair color just to look human. ” – Friend’s quote.

A BIG physiological change began in my late thirties. I was a single working mother and homeowner with teenagers with little free time. One afternoon I was in the bathroom mirror readying for work and noticed “something different” without putting a finger on it. Staring at my appearance I noticed subtle changes.  I seemed to have freckles starting. Around my face my hair seemed faded and what the hell was THAT over my upper lip? Peach fuzz? I was pretty grossed out by this. I thought this stuff happened to older women up in their fifties or sixties. I fixed my new freckles with face makeup and easily removed the offending fuzzes with a hand razor and forgot it. I wasn’t old yet, it was just a minor fluke and I had fixed it.

As kids someone if not friends has “the talk” with us women about becoming one and what to expect, but nobody including my grandmother had ever explained what happens once we begin REALLY aging, say into the forties on. Today I am fifty-two, I’m a realist and have a healthy sense of humor,  healthy body not so much.  One week ago I noticed I had a tiny wart starting on the side of my nose and angrily removed it.

If I had my granddaughters in my life and they were older asking me questions about growing up I would cut to the chase, keeping my advice simple and tell them what parents DON’T tell us young women. Who shaves their face first in your bathroom mornings, him or you?

“Just Sayin!” 

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