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I had three mother‘s. 

I applaud the women who influenced me in my life.  My father’s mother, my grandmother, was pivotal in my life as a young child through adulthood and played a support role with my three children when her health permitted after they were born. My children’s grandmother, my first husband’s mom, greatly influenced me even before I married her son. I was a teenager and this woman was so accepting and warm that her home next door was always bursting with neighbors and family. My stepmother has always been my best friend though I only lived with she and my father a few years before finishing senior school.  I love all three of these women dearly, wishing one was still in my life.

I had three mothers who taught me to cook, sew, and do anything to everything any young woman needs to know going into the world and having her own family. From them I was given a diverse but solid foundation to build my own family. I had no father figure, my parent’s were teenagers of the 1950’s. I have three grown children as mentioned, two sons and one daughter. My sons are talented and pursuing music careers, my youngest is a daughter who is a nurse with her own family,  having recently given birth to our second grandchild. For reasons of her own she refuses to communicate with us and I miss her horribly.



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