The Grandkitty, Floyd


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We have been minus a furry pet since July 2014. In January this year in the middle of a very large blizzard my oldest son appeared outside our house driving back to Maine from New York after adopting a Sphynx kitten, now called “Floyd.” He and his girlfriend stopped off to show us the little naked 8 week old kitten and continued back home. 

Fast foward . . . 

Sphynx cats are called “catdog” for a reason I am learning. Floyd is not adapting well to life in a bachelor pad, especially with everyone working and in school all day every day leaving him on his own. The best way to visualize Floyd is to imagine a five year old amped up on sugar throwing temper tantrums with claws and teeth. Sphynx cat’s are highly intelligent, need much stimulation and lots and LOTS of room to run. 

Long story short Floyd was developing into a vampire lusting for blood with my son who was nearly in tears from stress after two months. I offered to care for “grandkitty.” Floyd is hell with paws and teeth and claws. His first month here was transitional and he wasn’t too bad. He ran nonstop early morning until 9pm then crash, sleep until 5am it began again. I expected it as he was a kitten. 

The second month here, the teeth and claws came out with the destruction tornado that is Floyd. Wallpaper came down, carpet ripped up, curtains shredded and aggression mounted. Time to get Floyd fixed.  June 1st son took Floyd to his vet and the deed was done. We received him back the end of day undeterred. With that card played, we decided to keep Floyd on hoping to tame “the lion.”

On a rare good night Floyd will ask to be held (10 minutes tops) and sit to watch television, promptly bite and run off.  In our quest to set free whatever beast is within he has amassed cat trees, toys, destroyed them all, and had dietary changes to no avail. It is October now and boxes of bandaids later I have come to the conclusion we now have a resident cat turning 1 year old next month that is his own being and life is on his terms. Floyd is just, Floyd. 

He will never be anyone’s “pet.” To live with him is chaos at the speed of sound. This is a creature that is truly wild at heart, meant to be able to live as the feline he is, outdoors, hunting, doing all things cat. He runs everywhere, he falls and never lands on his feet, he carries a cat sized ball all day and insists you play fetch just to start. Sadly without fur no thanks to humans, his life is limited indoors 24-7 with exception of an enclosed front porch in warm weather 3 months of the year or going out of doors on a leash. I opened his own Instagram (@thefloydfiles) for other Sphynx and cat owners to view his antics to try and connect. I soon learned after he amassed a following with comments that in fact his “personality” is his own unlike others of his breed. 

For now Floyd and I have agreed to disagree and continue residing together. Maybe with age he will slow down, maybe not. Life with “wreck it Ralph” continues. 


It Was A Beautiful Summer.


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Hello to you from  “I-have-been-offline” land. Offline has been a good thing in my case as it signifies being busy living. Last I posted in July husband and myself were setting out on a season of freshwater fishing together. Our fishing over summer turned into more of a while hub fishes wife goes to take photos in the brush but it was good fun together exploring! 

Here is our favorite local spot we frequented in short bursts from home as it was close by. It is quite peaceful and though near town it’s tucked back on a quiet dirt road not many frequent except for some locals. I spent much time here practicing my noob photography while John fished as shown. We were pleased to find this piece of tranquility and sorry to see the season end recently.

After being indoors all of last summer I needed no convincing to go off exploring with my camera on our weekend explorations. I had a ball just “breathing in” the scenery. 

Did we catch many fish? A few yes, good thing we don’t eat it or we would starve lol. My husband caught more experience than anything but that will make for a better next season! 

At best this was Sushi size and tossed back. John did get something quite large on his line while here that nearly took he and the pole into the water but it snapped his line as expected. I’m guessing a catfish by the sounds of his “the one that got away” story! 

A few more snaps below taken by me as the weather was just so lovely everytime we were here.

Summer felt as if it departed in the blink of an eye though we have been graced with October temperatures in the 70’s to recent. Autumn doesn’t feel as if it is here though Halloween is around the corner. 

I hope you who see this are well, thank you for stopping in my dears!

Gone Fishing 


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A big hello to all, it’s summer and we plan to not waste the good weather! I turned 55 in May, we are breaking in our senior citizen fishing hats today by going fishing! 

This year we decided to do alot of local exploring in New Hampshire for some less known fishing areas, but first we will need to brush up on the skills at our local river and get new gear! 

After having aquired new chairs and bait, we are off to Exeter River to relax.

Alot of life has been happening keeping me offline. Wishing all health and happiness!

Time To Get Moving.


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Finally, spring in New England. 
The true spring of New England that arrives with rain and mud, just before the mosquitos and more dreaded “midgies,”… the tiniest of black flies that swarm around anything warm and breathing that they then bite, leaving a welt the size of a half dollar coin for weeks behind. 

It’s been a very long cold winter. I spent it rekindling my health and soul sprinkled with bouts of feeling sorry for myself and reclusing from not just my blog but everywhere on and offline. I think the fact my 55th birthday is arriving in May probably is not helping me emerge from my bubble!

The recent bursts of sunshine and warmer weather is slowly helping me shake the dust off, that said, I hope all are well in blogging land and beyond. 

Happy Spring my dears!

Nothing Ever Goes Away Until It Has Taught Us What We Need to Know – Pema Chodron — The Seeds 4 Life


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Sunrise Chicken


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It’s 5:30 in the morning and I am fumbling blindly for a coffee filter to get the java fix I must have to open the other eye. I spill the can of ground coffee amidst my fog and look down hearing a voice “cursing” with a slight English accent at my feet (my spouse is British) … 

Well hello!